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At Vision Pest Control, we treat the pests that plague property owners most, including mosquitos, termites, bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, ants, and general insects.

Absolutely! Our licensed team specializes in pest control treatments for apartment complexes, HOAs, and property management companies—customizing every service to the specific needs of your property—and offering fast response times to get your space back to normal in no time.

Rodents can enter your property by even the tiniest cracks or openings, leading to a potentially damaging infestation. During your rodent treatment, our team might suggest exclusion, which is the process of sealing your home from further rodent issues. This can include adding a chimney cap, installing mesh underneath your deck, or inserting vent guards.

Mosquitos are parasitic insects where the females feed off of the blood of humans and animals. When they penetrate the skin, they inject their saliva into the wound, which is what causes the itchy, sometimes painful bite.

At Vision Pest Control, we specialize in bed bug treatment, offering both heat treatment and chemical solutions. Our heat treatment is backed by a specialty warranty and is 100% organic and non-toxic. We seal the area and heat the space to about 150 degrees—making it inhospitable to bed bugs without affecting your belongings or electronics. So, if you suspect bed bugs have infiltrated your home or commercial property, give us a call. We utilize a specialized canine team to establish the root of your infestation.

Bed bugs have become increasingly prolific in recent decades, as they can travel extreme distances—attaching themselves to clothing and luggage alike. Identifying a bed bug infestation can be challenging in their egg or nymph stage because they are incredibly small and white, yellow, or even clear in color. However, adults are typically brown, oval, and flat. They can also leave behind stains on your clothing or linens that show up as red or dark brown.

Termites, while small, can leave telltale signs of their presence—especially Subterranean termites, the species that most commonly infest properties. If you start to see mud tubes traveling along your walls or ceilings, hollowed-out wood, or puckered floors, it is time to give our team a call. We perform a detailed inspection of your home to determine the nature and scope of your infestation to more precisely treat the problem.

At Vision Pest Control, our goal is to deliver best-in-class pest control solutions to homes and businesses throughout North Hollywood and the surrounding areas. That is why in addition to our customized service and eco-friendly treatments, we take the time to answer your every pest control question.