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North Hollywood Cockroach Control

Our Technicians Get to the Root of the Problem in Burbank

Many insects cause no trouble for humans and some are even beneficial. However, others can pose a health risk and cockroaches fall in this category. Roaches can spread disease, contaminate food sources, and infestations can quickly get out of control. Vision Termite & Pest Control offers effective and eco-friendly solutions for cockroach control in North Hollywood, Burbank, and surrounding areas. We will get rid of the roaches and keep them out using methods that are safe for your family and pets.

If you have a cockroach problem, call (818) 261-2703 for reliable service and lasting solutions. 

Getting Rid of Roaches & Keeping them Out

Discovering a cockroach problem is a nightmare, especially when you consider the disease that roaches can carry. Cockroaches are known to carry E. coli, salmonella, streptococcus, hepatitis B dysentery, and cholera. In addition, dead roaches can trigger allergies, asthma attacks, and cause respiratory symptoms in susceptible people, especially children.

The types of cockroaches in California include: 

  • American cockroaches – The largest cockroach species in the United States, the American cockroach is also the most common type of roach infestation. They are oval-shaped, reddish-brown in color, have a yellow figure 8 on the back of the head, and can grow up to two inches long.
  • German cockroaches – The German cockroach is the most common roach species in the world. They are often found in restaurants, food processing businesses, hotels, and other commercial buildings as well as homes. This type of cockroach is tan or light brown with black stripes down the back and can get up to 5/8” long.
  • Oriental cockroaches – This species prefers the outdoors and is often found in yard debris, firewood, and sewers. They are shiny black and about an inch long.
  • Brown banded cockroaches – These cockroaches are the smallest type of roach found in our area of the country. They only get about half an inch long and are brown with darker banding on the wings.

The Pest Control Process

Effective North Hollywood cockroach control starts with a professional inspection to identify the type of roaches that have invaded your home, find how they are getting inside, and determine the scope of the infestation. Based on that information, your pest control technician can provide the most effective solution to your cockroach problem.

Once the roaches have been eliminated, it is important to prevent future infestations. In addition to providing regular pest control service, the technician can provide tips for preventing cockroach infestations. This may include closing any holes or gaps that provide entry points, storing food in sealed containers, keeping the house clean and taking out the garbage regularly, and inspecting anything brought into the home, as roaches often hitch a ride.

Call for Expert Cockroach Control

At Vision, we offer quality pest control services for cockroach control in North Hollywood to eradicate the pests and keep them away. Our skilled technicians work hard to solve the root cause of the problem, answer your questions, and provide tips for keeping pests out of your home.

Please call (818) 261-2703 or contact us online for more information and an appointment for cockroach control.